Some common FAQ's:

If you don't see the answer to your question below, please feel free to email us at  We would be more than happy to spend time answering your questions and determining which trip is right for you.





How difficult are the backpacking trips?


Each guided trip/tour is rated as easy, moderate or challenging. The rating results from a combination of the distance we plan to travel each day, and the amount of food that we need to carry.  In general, easy trips will involve less than 10km of travel each day, and 2 days of food; moderate trips will involve 10-15km of travel each day and up to 4 days of food; and challenging trips will involve >15km in a day.  However, regardless of the trip difficulty, we will take lots of breaks along the way.  After all, we are here to see the scenery.  If you are uncertain about which trip is best for you, please contact us and we can discuss which is the best option.  And remember, we can always plan a custom trip to meet your needs.


What should I bring?


You are responsible for supplying your own personal hiking equipment, including footwear, hiking poles, backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and tent.  A detailed equipment list will be sent with your booking package.  We can arrange for rentals of equipment that you don't have for an extra charge. 


How heavy will my backpack be?


You can expect to carry a pack of about 30-45lbs.  We encourage everyone to 'pack light'.  The lighter our packs are, the more fun we will have.  We'll send you an outline of good lightweight packing tips in your booking package.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the best equipment choices for you.


How should I physically prepare for the trip?


It is not necessary to be a "super athlete" to go backpacking.  However, you will likely enjoy your trip a little more if you have spent some time preparing.  Most of our trips involve substantial elevation gain on good mountain trails.  We encourage you to spend some time walking (in hilly terrain or up some stairs, if possible) prior to your trip.  Definitely try to get some days out walking in the footwear that you intend on bringing on the trip - breaking in a set of brand new boots on the trail is a recipe for blisters.


What kind of food will we eat?


Your guide will be preparing food of the lightweight backpacking variety.  However, we believe that good tasting, nutritious food in the backcountry is essential and we strive to make meal times an enjoyable reward for our hard earned appetites! On some of the trips we will have food re-supply points at which we'll get some fresh food.  For all backpacking trips we will supply three nutritious meals a day (and some dessert of course!).  Feel free to bring along some of your favorite snacks or treats.


Can you accommodate special dietary needs?


Absolutely!  We can accommodate most allergies and food preferences.  Please be aware that there may be a surcharge for certain diets due to the extra time and expense associated with preparing and purchasing some food items.  Please email us to discuss any food preferences.



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