Lake O'Hara Guided Day Trips


Lake O'Hara is truly the 'jewel' of the Canadian Rockies with beautiful alpine lakes, gorgeous vistas and immaculate trails built by Lawrence Grassi himself!  Join Jaime for a guided tour of this amazing area.  Jaime knows this area very well, having spent six years working here as a graduate student.  


We will take the bus 11km up the road from the highway to Lake O'Hara (and back down at the end of the day), so we can maximize our time in the alpine.  The day will include ample rest breaks during which Jaime will enlighten you on the very unique geology and hydrology of this special watershed (and don't worry, there will be time to take photographs too!)

Bookings:  Please note, access to Lake O'Hara is through a quota system, and reservations are difficult to secure.  If you'd like to go to Lake O'Hara, please let us know the dates that you are interested in.  We can try to secure reservations three months ahead of time, or potentially 'last minute' spaces 24 hours in advance.  If we are unable to get spaces, we will take you to another of the many very beautiful locations in  the area.  

Cost:  $5oo plus GST for a private booking (for up to 5 people), plus bus reservations fees.  Maximum group size is 5 guests plus one guide.


Guests are required to have a National Park Pass for entry into Yoho National Park. 


Moraine Lake to Lake O'Hara via Wenkchemna Pass

This hike begins at Moraine Lake, travels to Eiffel Lake with views throughout the Valley of the Ten Peaks, and continues on up to Wenkchemna Pass.  From here you'll get great views down into Prospector's Valley, where you will soon continue down to.  From there, your guide will take your safely through the technical crux of the route, up and over Opabin Pass, down the Opabin Glacier and out to Lake O'Hara, where you will catch the Lake O'Hara bus out to the parking lot.


This is an advanced and difficult hike.  Total distance is 20+km, with over 1000m of elevation gain and loss.  If you are an experienced hiker, and would like to challenge yourself, this hike would be a great undertaking!  There is a limited amount of glacier travel on this hike, so your guide will be an ACMG certified Mountain Guide.  


Dates:  By request


Cost: $600 CAD/group plus 5% GST (maximum 4 people)

Includes bus fee and shuttle from Lake O'Hara Parking lot to Moraine Lake Parking.

MacArthur Lake, Lake O'Hara hiking
Marmot on guided Lake O'Hara hike
Mary Lake, Lake O'Hara guided hike
Opabin plateau, Lake O'Hara tour
Wildflowers-Mt Bell-Banff-Canadian Rockies
Larch valley-Lake Louise-Banff-Canadian Rockies

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