Classic Day Hikes - Banff, Yoho, Kootenay and Kananaskis

For the upcoming year we are offering guided day hiking trips to Banff, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks, and Kananaskis Country (near Canmore).  Come see all that the amazing Canadian Rocky Mountains has to offer.  We are offering day trips on a 'by request' basis - so please contact us and we can chat about which hiking trip is best for you.

We know that coming up with good packed lunch items while travelling can be challenging.  We are happy to provide a packed lunch if requested.  Cost $20/adult, including gourmet sandwich, veggies, fruit, dessert and snack bars or trail mix.

Please note - all prices are in Canadian currency.

Banff National Park Classic Day Hikes

Banff National Park has numerous hikes to choose from, and it would take a lifetime to see everything.  However, there are a few 'must do' hikes that we would recommend. Join one of the Aster Mountain guides on one of these trips:


  • Lake Agnes and the Little Behive  - turqoise blue lakes and glacier views

  • Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass - lakes, flowers, and in the autumn - stunning golden larch trees

  • Valley of the Ten Peaks - a top pick for wildflowers in July, and stunning views of the 'Ten Peaks'

  • Plain of the Six Glaciers - once you beat the crowds around Lake Louise, you'll be rewarded with glacier views and the awe of being surrounded by the towering peaks around you.

  • Sunshine Meadows  - this is the mecca for seeing summer alpine wildflowers

  • Helen Lake  - lakes, wildflowers and a feeling of remoteness are highlights of this hike.


If you've already ticked all of these off of your list, let us know and we can come up with some other options.  Or consider joining us on a multi-day backpacking trip on the Sawback trail!


Dates:  By request


Cost: $475 CAD plus 5% GST per group (1-5 people), and $75 CAD/person for additional people.  


Yoho National Park Classic Day Hikes

Yoho National Park tends to be a little bit less busy than the other mountain parks.  Although we aren't sure why, because it is just as beautiful (on second thought....shhhh....let's not let that secret out!).  Guided day hikes that we would recommend here include: 


  • The Iceline Trail  - meet your guide at the infamous Takkakaw falls. Hike up steeply and then wander along between lakes and glacier views.  Several variations are possible.

  • Emerald Lake Triangle  - amazing views of Emerald Lake, glaciers and free-falling waterfalls.

  • Twin Falls - this hike also begins at Takkakaw falls and heads up-valley with scenic views of glaciers and waterfalls.


Dates:  By request


Cost: $450 CAD plus 5% GST per group (maximum 4 people), and $50 CAD/person for additional people


Kootenay National Park Classic Day Hikes
Kootenay National Park has a few gems that shouldn't be missed:


  • Stanley Glacier - this hike has great glacier views, wildflowers and stunning geology.

  • Floe Lake  - the hike to this lake has one of the most beautiful backdrops in the mountain parks, with glaciers and the famous Rockwall.

  • Kindersley/Sinclair loop - this is a loop hike, with a walk through forest and wildflowers, followed by a climb up to Kindersley pass, with views of Mt Assiniboine.


Kootenay National Park is home to the classic 'Rockwall' backpacking traverse.  If you have time in your schedule, consider joining the Aster Mountain guides for this spectacular multi-day backpacking trip.


Dates:  By request


Cost: $450 CAD plus 5% GST per group (maximum 4 people), and $50 CAD/person for additional people

Kananaskis Classic Day Hikes

Kananaskis Country is located near Canmore, and is a great place to go to get off-the-beaten track.  Although there are official trails here, many more of them are informal and see fewer visitors than the nearby mountain parks.  The trips below are some classic undertakings, but many more options exist.


  • Centennial/Memorial Ridges - this hike can be done as an out-and-back or a fantastic one-way ridge traverse

  • Buller Pass  - quaint streams and a hanging alpine valley, with views down towards Ribbon Creek

  • Tent Ridge - a scenic ridgewalk with abundant larch trees (spectacular in the fall!)


If you are interested in learning a bit more about map and compass navigation, we can incorporate that into your guided trip. Or consider joining us on a four day backpacking trip.


Dates:  By request


Cost: $450 CAD plus 5% GST per group (maximum 4 people), and $50 CAD/person for additional people

Yukness Ledges, Lake O'Hara
Yoho Lake, Canada
Laughing Falls, Yoho tour
Iceline Trail - Climate Change Hike
Floe Lake, Canada
Kootenay Rockwall
Glacier in Kootenay Nat'l Park
The Rockwall - Kootenay National Park backpackin
Northover Ridge, guided hike
Aster Lake, hiking tour, Canada
Kananaskis photography tour
Wind Ridge, Kananaskis tour
Paradise Valley, Lake Louise tour
Lake Annette, guided tour
Ground squirrel, Banff guided hike
Indian paintbrush, Banff guided guje

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